About Us
Sama Holidays is the leading travel management and Tourism Company, Specialized in business travel management and Leisure Packages. Sama Holidays is dedicated to help companies of all sizes, government as well as non-governmental organizations . Sama Holidays offers Travel packages for the regular customers & corporate companies thereby helping them to optimize their travel program by providing best-in-class service and assistance to travellers.

Personalized customer service, is the business identity of Sama Holidays. A regular, growing and loyal customer base is a true identity of the success of Sama Holidays Business Policy. Moving ahead Sama Holidays plans to make business practices in the travel and tourism industry, more direct, customized and customer friendly.
Sama Holidays - Our Reach
With a strong focus on reaching its customers across, Sama Holidays has always worked towards establishing a strong relationship both with its customers and service providers. Sama Holidays has worked towards establishing long term business relationships with its service providers to ensure the best of facilities and prices to its customers by keeping strong business communication with its customers.

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